About Us


Greenbelt Archive Project

 The Greenbelt Archive Project (GAP) is a 501(c)(3) organization that was formed in April 2018 with a single limited-duration mission: to preserve the historical record encapsulated in the Greenbelt News Review and its predecessor, the Greenbelt Cooperator.   

The current electronic archive, which was made from microfilm images of the paper, is often of poor quality and difficult to read or to search. The new digital archive will be made by scanning the original newsprint issues. The papers themselves are deteriorating, so the work must be done soon to preserve this record of Greenbelt’s development and history.   Also, the collection is vulnerable because it is uniquely held by one organization, the Greenbelt News Review itself.  


Our Mission

GAP is focused on plugging a critical gap in the historic record. Papers from 1937 to 1943 have already been digitized by University of Maryland Libraries under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities as part of the Library of Congress’ National Digital Newspaper Program. Papers from 2002 forward are ‘born digital’, created electronically from the start.  The gap lies  between these two resources, extending from 1943 to 2002 – almost 60 of the 80+ years of continuous publication – and covering more than  3,000 issues.  Our mission is to preserve these newspapers as a historical resource for historians, genealogists, students, and Greenbelt or Prince George's County residents and staff.  

Completion of our mission will result in a higher quality, fully searchable digital archive that is held in multiple locations, including within one or more institutional archives that are charged with the responsibility for maintaining digitized versions into the future.  University of Maryland Libraries is collaborating with GAP on this effort. 



  • May 2018 Silent Auction proceeds
  • Citizen donations
  • Greenbelt Community Foundation grant  
  • Prince George's County Council grants: Council Members Todd Turner, Mel Franklin, Calvin Hawkins
  • In-kind contributions: City of Greenbelt (Community Center workroom), volunteers (labor)
  • 2018 NEH grant to UMD Libraries will cover costs of contractor digitization of papers from 1943 through 1963 (along with other Maryland newspapers)




President: Mary Lou Williamson

Vice President: Sandra Lange

Secretary: Mary Sies

Treasurer: JoEllen Sarff

Ways and Means: Peggy Higgins



Project Coordinator: Deanna Dawson

Preservation Specialist: Anne Marigza

Administrator: Cathie Meetre

Community Volunteers: Kevin Fisher, Pragati Godbole, Frances & Allyn Hill, Elisabeth Kevorkian, Mike McLaughlin, Joe Miko, Elaine Nakash, Sandy Rodgers, Lynne Slater, Yu-Hsiu Wang



Digital Librarians: Robin Pike, Pam McClanahan 

Digital Technician: Cecilia Franck,  Master of Library & Information Science student